Blog Monitoring

Blog Monitoring Like it, or not, bloggers are (or will be) talking about your company. Listening to the blogosphere provides you with valuable feedback and

Online Media Relations

Online Media Relations Our deep media relationships extend to the blogosphere, where The Jepco Group online media relations experts will identify and help you to

Blogs & Social Media

Blogs & Social Media We know the blogosphere, as blog readership continues to explode, savvy companies are capitalizing on the PR opportunities that social media

Digital Content Marketing Services

Digital Content Marketing Services The Public Relations industry has changed dramatically over the last five years. Today it’s much broader than simply writing press releases

High Tech PR

High Tech PR Technology Public Relations Strategy Every one of our clients has a unique public relations strategy. Whether your goal is to attract investors,

Public Relations Programs

Public Relations Programs All our public relations programs are backed by decades of experience with emerging and established companies in a variety of markets, with

Public Relations Services

Public Relations Services The Jepco Group is one of the nation’s fastest growing independent public relations agencies. With offices in Boston, Las Vegas, Miami and

Bottom-Line Results

Bottom-Line Results We do what no other public relations agency dares to do: we measure our performance according to the impact that we have in

Analyst Relations

Analyst Relations For our technology clients, analyst relationships are often the key to their success. Early introductions to these critical industry influences can provide the

Vertical Industry Media Relations

Vertical Industry Media Relations With employees hailing from diverse disciplines and industries, we have long-standing media relationships at all levels throughout the technology and consumer